Koushan language Institute For kids It´s Never too Early to Speak a Second Language Your child is the perfect age to learn a new language! • Introduce your child to a new language and culture at the optimum age. • Complement a school program to help your child excel. • Reinforce a home or heritage language. Studies show that early introduction to foreign language study develops children's verbal skills, intelligence and creativity, and prepares them for tomorrow's increasingly global world. koushan’s language program is designed for children from 8 months old to 12 years old. This program helps young learners become bilingual in a very natural and relevant environment – through their daily life activities. We assure our young students’ success, by incorporating a great variety of teaching techniques to constantly expose them to music and dances, circle time, poems, rhymes, verses, riddles, storytelling, and arts, and crafts. Hence, we pride ourselves in providing innovative language programs that allow the entire family to explore the wonders of a new world. Students learn their second or third language while strengthening other important skills that are part of their intellectual growth and development, such as: • Promote independence • Using English vocabulary to make their favorite snacks • Dancing and singing awakens their inner power and self-esteem • And indoor and outdoor activities keep the learning fun. Koushan Language Institute offers weekday classes for children age 3 and older. Our groups are small and highly individualized with a maximum of ten children per group. Our Method — Our interactive method actively engages children with age-appropriate materials and fun, hands-on activities to develop oral comprehension and speaking skills appropriate to each stage of development. Children are immersed in the target language using a variety of visuals, games, songs, creative projects and task-oriented activities. Our method makes learning a new language effective and fun! Our instructors are native speakers or native proficient and are qualified, professional teachers.




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