Koshtargah Sanati Sahand Bonab

Industry: Manufacturing
Headquarter: Azerbaijan, East

Company Description

Since 2006, our focus has always been on supplying meats of the highest quality.we learned long ago that the true value of our products is based upon yield, appearance and most importantly, taste. We understand that the bench mark of our success has and will always be the satisfaction of our customers. Sahad protein complex started its activity in 2006 with 50 years of experience. The areas of company’s activities are as follows: -slaughtering sheep,lamb,cow and camel -sale of chilled meat -packing and freezing meat -sale of calf and sheep skin -sale of liver,rumen.etc -import of frozen and chilled meat -import of livestock -production of worte powder: meat,blood and bone meal -fattening and breeding livestock.

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