Kingspan Izopoli

Industry: Manufacturing
Headquarter: Turkey

Company Description

Since the founding of Izopoli in 2006, we have achieved outstanding goals with our ever present concern for sustainable quality and customer satisfaction. Izopoli has grown continuously over the years and is now enjoying the support of the World leader in sandwich panel industry: Kingspan Group of Ireland. With its 25 production plants around the world, Kingspan Group is a major player in the global construction elements sector and is now a partner to Izopoli. It is our mutual commitment that Kingspan - Izopoli will maintain the level of quality you have grown accustomed to and introduce a series of exciting new products and services. As the first fruit of Kingspan - Izopoli partnership, we are proud to offer our FireSafe(tm) panels which are fire-resistant products. These are premium panels with excellent thermal insulation capabilities, more air-tight, moisture-resistant, fibre-free and offering more design options due to their composite and light-weight structure, when compared to their alternative products in the market. Kingspan is unique IPN formula provides you all these for less cost than you would expect. Kingspan - Izopoli two plants in Turkey offer you a sum of 15.000 m2 of panels per day. Our Bolu plant, located in the industrial zone, has a capacity of 6000 m2 per day whereas our Adana plant, located in the free zone, has a capacity of 9000 m2 per day. With our various types of panels, we are able to meet the most demanding requirements ranging from industrial roof and wall applications to food industry cold stores and processing rooms. Izopoli customer focused approach and quality awareness has been recognized by the professionals of the industry and proven by a constantly growing number of references in more than 40 countries today.

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