Kimia Kala Razi (KIMAZI) Pharmaceutical Co. was founded in 1391 by a highly committed group of pharmaceutical professionals. As a knowledge based company at development stage, for 3 years we focus on early-stage business activities, such as research and development and market research. The first product of the company, Argusol Eyelids and Eyelashes Cleansing Shampoo, was launched in late 1394. This shampoo as a unique product is covered by Kimazi patent. Our development strategy aims to produce innovative products, and in some cases, our products are unbeatable at the international level. Our current products are in the cosmeceutical category that can be prescribed by the doctor and also have OTC sales. In addition, our product pipeline in KIMAZI includes Biologic Medicines, Orphan Medicine and drugs that don't face any competition in market.




10-49 employees



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