Kasra Industrial Lining & Coating Consultant Co.

Industry: Oil & Gas
Founded at: 2003
Headquarter: Tehran

Company Description

Known as the leading company in the field of anti-corrosion linings, Kasra Industrial Lining & Coating Consultants Co. helps its customers protect and increase the service life of their structures. At Kasra, we prioritize technical expertise, creating value by providing the most professional consultation as well as up-to-date products of leading European companies. Founded in 2003, Kasra has taken the corrosion protection in Iran to the next level by providing various industries with the highest quality products from the most reliable brands such as MultiMetall(Germany), SIGAS(Germany), Pelox(Germany), BYLA(Germany), TENEO (Czech), Interbau(Germany), TAMBURINI(Italy)

Benefits and Perks

1- Fair and on-time monthly payment 2- Great opportunities for advancement 3- Professional development possibilities 4- Prioritization of personal well-being of team members 5- Modern management practices 6- Wellness programs 7- Quarterly incentive bonus (based on position, performance and target achievement

Why Work With Us?

Looking for a new and rewarding challenge? Kasra welcomes talented and driven individuals to its team of highly motivated professionals. Mixing personal ambition with group incentive, the team of Kasra is fired up to expand its market and continue changing the corrosion game, while feeling fulfilled for working in a positive environment and being valued like a member of a family.

Kasra Industrial Lining & Coating Consultant Co.

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