Kasra Industrial Lining & Coating Consultant Co. is a leading company in the field of anti-corrosion linings, coatings and flooring as well industrial adhesives, with more than 13 years of successful presence in the market. Kasra Co. is the exclusive agency/representative of the most reliable companies in Europe such as: SIGAS GmbH (Germany) MultiMetall (Germany) Interbau-Blink (Germany) BYLA GmbH (Germany) Pelox GmbH (Germany) GUTBROD (Germany) KAMELOCK (Germany) GEAS-TAMBURINI (Italy). Wherever chemical and abrasive corrosion is considered a threat to structures, Kasra Co. is there to help its customers to protect them. Due to our access to the most up-to-date products of leading European companies and the professional consultation we can provide our customers, accumulated through our years of experience in anti-corrosive coating, our technical experts have the knowledge based on global standards to help our customers to protect structures from corrosion. The main target markets of Kasra Co. are; Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry, Power plants and Energy industry, Car industry, Water and Water treatment industry, Chemical industry, Steel, Mining and Cement industry.




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