Kara Telephone

Industry: Telecoms
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Kara Telephone is a leading provider of communications solutions for a range of organizations, from the very small, single site offices to the multi-site, large enterprises and local telecommunication companies. We offer customers a broad choice of solutions, from basic business communications to sophisticated unified communications, from pre-packaged to tailored applications, and from an outright capital purchase to a managed service. We service our customers through a network of over 50 value-added resellers and partners. We recognize that the value of a communications solution is different for every business. Our portfolios of solutions are highly scalable, secure, easily managed and optimized to meet the evolving communications needs of our customers. We run our merit R&D team with qualified engineers to design all hardware and software of our switching systems in order to simplify maintenance once it is required without any assistance from abroad. Predominantly we design high and low capacity digital switching systems and have large assembly line in our own factory. In addition to manufacturing the switching systems, we provide installation, training, commissioning and maintenance for all our customers. Kara Telephone is keen to keep up to date with the latest advances in technology and move into the area of mobile communications. Now our company with its team of skilled and experienced management and qualified engineers and technicians can design, manufacture fixed telephone lines with our high and low capacity switching systems, install, manage and provide maintenance of any GSM-WLL project including NSS + BSS parts, BTS sites, Transmission including DWDM and SDH, F.O. Access, IN, telecommunication cables and any fields of communication solutions.

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