Kaghaz Kar Kasra

Company Description

Paper Mill is a complete set of manufacturing and trading facilities in the paper and paper industry of Iran. The company was established in Yazd Industrial Park in Yazd in 2000 in the city of Yazd with 350 staff members with the aim of producing all kinds of recycled paper and waste paper such as Kraft Liner, White Tap, Liner Testing and Flotting along Main Tracks Transit country was founded. At the moment, the paper company produces a fraction of a variety of paper products, including fluttering paper, kraft liners, liners and whitewash tests. It is worth mentioning that the company is the sole manufacturer of fluting paper with a standard mark in Yazd province. In the production of this type of paper, in addition to recycled paper (OCC) and Virgin Pulp, the ingredients used include Polymin, Afranil, Starch, and Press Size in the production process. The company has two separate exploitation licenses, each of which includes development plans, and has other sub-categories, such as: industrial refinery, fracture sheet and cutting unit, and photocopying paper. In spite of the above facilities, the deficit paperwork, design and implementation of a new paper production project with the most advanced type of paper making machine with a maximum of 4600 mm with a nominal capacity of 70,000 tons annually, will be sampled throughout the country.

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