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The company is located in HAMGAM Industrial complex which known as biggest Auto stamping parts in the private sector of the country in Isfahan. Same as other subsidiaries of HAMGAM group, 67% of the shares of the company are allocated for Vaqf since 2011 HAMTA co. was established in 2003 and since 2014, with the production of various types of Evaporative water coolers in various models and obtaining the national standard of Iran with a brand-name HAMGAM as newer in market. In 2015, HAMTA co. began its research to produce Gas kombi boiler and steel radiator panels. Automatic assembly lines from most famous Italian made - Cassioli and Microplan added and JV formed with EMKO as one of the largest manufacturers of heating systems in Turkey brand-name ISTANBUL has been licensed by EMKO when parallel trademark HAMGAM for HAMTA co. Based on the professional attitude of the Automotive industry in ISO TS and ISO9001:2015 QA standards as a Legacy of HAMGAM, national production with the motto of "Honor High-quality Iranian Products" are carefully pursued by HAMTA co.




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