Found in 1972, located in Alborz Industrial City of Qazvin, Iranzak has over 40 years of experience in chewing gum production. Since creation, it has introduced wide range of products covering all types of gum in terms of form, flavour and packaging. Company stepped into new stage of life in 2006 by developing REDUCED-SUGAR and SUGAR-FREE chewing gum. Focusing on chewing gum exclusively, cooperating with leading European suppliers progressively and Learning formulation knowledge gradually, has made us capable to respond to various needs of customers throughout all these years. “Market is tough”, the term which led us restructure our business model 3 years ago in order to be able to reshape and sustain our position in the market. Now, we have learnt how to Negotiate, Offer, Sell, Distribute and Promote in various channels which is open to offer to you!




100-499 employees


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