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Sepahan Oil

Sepahan Oil

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Oil & Gas

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500 employees or more




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About Company:

Sepahan Oil Company (SOC) was established in 1998. This company was before as one of the units of Isfahan Oil Refinery Company which is now owned by private sector. SOC is one of the most important and pioneer manufacturers of Base, Engine, Diesel as well as Industrial oils in the Middle East. After about 16 years of professional activities, SOC possesses the biggest and most equipped refinery to produce base oil with annual capacity of 700,000 T that includes more than half of country\'s production capacity. In other words; production capacity of SOC equals to all domestic oil refineries. Meeting demands of domestic market and presence in international markets simultaneously are two main and strategic objectives of Sepahan Oil Company. SOC was selected as the first exporter in years 2004, 2006 and 2011 and also as the first supplier of engine oils in domestic market. Sepahan Oil Company products include:  Different engine oils  Industrial lubricants  Automobile gear oils  Greases and antifreeze  Paraffin  Heavy slack wax  Rubber processing oil  Base oil SN500

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