In 1954, establishing the first factory and packaging dairy products in the name of Tehran pasteurized milk factory is made with two main purpose, helping health and nutrition of people. Now this Company has 16 affiliated factories .At the present all of which are under management a holding and are active in 13 large province of the country as the name of Pegah brand. These factory produce Milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, Doogh, juice and carbonated herbal beverage, and powder. Iran Dairy industries commercial Co, is one of the affiliated to the holding of Iran Dairy Co (Pegah) with high experience and professional expert in two main activities. One of them is Exporting deputy and the other is purchase and sale .The strategic plan of exporting is improving presence of Pegah products in new Market .The mission of the purchase and sale deputy is sending high quality packaging materials, required device and instrument of our dairy factory, with respect of price and delivery time.




10-49 employees


Retail, Shop & Supermarket

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