Inergy Automotive Systems Management

Industry: Manufacturing
Headquarter: France

Company Description

Inergy Automotive Systems is a stand-alone company founded by a joint venture between Plastic Omnium and Solvay. We are the leading global Tier 1 supplier of integrated plastic Fuel Systems to the automobile industry. Our success is due to our truly global reach and expertise, dedicated R&D, the ability to customize and industrialize, as well as a deep-rooted international and cross-cultural organization. Inergy Automotive Systems employs 4.500 people around the world and has 26 facilities located in 20 countries. Continuously developing new materials to anticipate and exceed the automotive industry's specifications and emissions regulations, Inergy Automotive Systems leads the way in providing car manufacturers with breakthrough solutions. With over 600 engineers and technicians working in 5 R&D centers in Europe, Asia and North America, the company is at the cutting-edge of polymer technologies, industrial processes and systems architecture.

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