Imix Group

Industry: Retail, Shop & Supermarket
Founded at: 1987
Headquarter: Tehran

Company Description

I-Mix Group is consulting and supplier of food industry ingredients. This group is one of the sub-companies of Emranian Trading Partnerships Company, has started its activities since 1987 in international scope. All our major activities in i-Mix defined on the two following criteria: 1- Health safety improvement & promoting the product foods nutrition in different industries. 2- Helping to decrease the total cost of the product instead of Increasing Quality. The research and development unit of I-mix consists of experienced experts of food industry that continuously try to innovate and examine the samples of the new products and also offers consultation to its customers. Due to the economic situation and receiving financial support from Emranian trading Partnerships Company, I-mix group efforts to represent best services in order to blossom the production cycle of the country.

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