Ideh Hub

Industry: Finance, Investment & Business Analysis
Founded at: 2017
Headquarter: Tehran

Company Description

Idehhub is a prominent investment platform with a focus on leading edge technology.We are providing a transparent and advanced solution which facilitate fundraising and investing process. Idehhub offers services such as crowdfunding,due diligence,consulting, ICO and exposure for both start-ups and investors.If you are passionate and love to work in an international company with high standards,we invite you to actively take part in supporting the Iranian startup scene by joining Idehhub.

Why Work With Us?

<p>IDEHHUB is an international team led by talented &amp; experienced team members from all around the world. The oppurtunity for learning &amp; improvement is limitless</p> <p>We are one of the few companies in Iran, with a strong position in Blockchain scene for its enthusiasts.</p> <p>Having the first move advantage in Equity Crowdfunding, makes us an exciting experience for you to be part of a disruptive financial solution.&nbsp;</p> <p>Transparency, Quality and hardworking is our culture.</p>

Ideh Hub | استخدام در ایده هاب

4 days ago

Ideh Hub | استخدام در ایده هاب

4 days ago

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