Hoorshid Sabz Vision

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Hoorshid Sabz Vision is a young and dynamic company established 2015 in Tehran, Iran. In Hoorshid we have a vision to produce healthy and high quality snacks for domestic and international markets. “NUT IT!” is a registered brand owned by Hoorshid for its nuts and dried fruits snacks. Our products cover a wide variety from fine Iranian pistachio and kernels, almonds, walnuts to peanuts and cashew, sultana raisins, apricot, prunes, dates among many others. Moreover, we have made some exotic mixed nuts and dried fruits with magic delicious formulations for every taste around the world. Premium healthy products at an affordable price are the cornerstones of our business. We seek to help everyone from kids to adults to maintain a healthier and fresher diet and at the same time an enjoyable meal. Furthermore, we honor Corporate Social Responsibilities and Fair Trade and all our factory workers and employers are paid fairly from ethically sourced products.

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