Hamayesh Farazan

Industry: Education - Universities
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Hamayesh Farazan Company as the most predominant international event organizer in Iran has designed and executed more than 120 big international events within the last 12 years. This company holds the most updated and largest required equipment for conferences such as sound and video devices, and simultaneous translation equipment which can thoroughly fulfil any conference needs. Hamayesh Farazan Company has thus far planned and executed educational business tours for top Iranian managers and entrepreneurs by the contracts it held with the world’s forerunner companies i.e. Toyota, Montblance, VW, Mercedes, Airbus, Zara, Schindler, Lindt, Sennheiser, Vodafon etc. to Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Japan. Over 500 top Iranian managers and entrepreneurs have attended these tours and further developed their managerial skills. Holding internationally accredited joint academic degree programs of DBA and MBA from the best and most well-known universities of the world by the topnotch international lecturers in Tehran is as of the other activities of this company which enables the ambitious Iranian managers save significant amount of money and time. Benefited from strong close relationships and connections with the most well-known network of professors, authors and keynote speakers worldwide, Hamayesh Farazan Company has hosted 300 topnotch international speakers in Iran to date. Speakers such as Brian Tracy (the author of “Eat that frog”), John Gray (the author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”), Jack Canfield (the creator of “Secret”), Allan Pease (the author of “The Definitive Book of Body Language”) and many more, having been invited by Hamayesh Farzan, spoke for hundreds of people at conferences. Being awarded numerous international prizes, appreciation certificates and trophies by the presidents and chairmen of Agribank, National Iranian bank, Tejarat Bank, Labour Ministry, Organization of the Endowment of the Country etc. are of this company’s achievements thus far.

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