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Hafez Varesh Iranian (Varesh)

Hafez Varesh Iranian

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10-49 employees




خیابان ملاصدرا- بعد از چهارراه شیخ بهایی- ساختمان فردوس- پلاک 242- طبقه 6- واحد 19

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About Company:

Hafez Varesh Iranians Company based on its professional and well-educated team with Individual and team work abilities which has work in the field of oil and petrochemicals by passing the end of international sanctions against Iran has started its activity by cooperation with other firm that were active in this field since 1394 . From the beginning it keep trying to expand export activities to abroad. As a result, several projects have also been awarded. Due to the fact that the group has already been active abroad, therefore, by solving the problem of sanctions the best way to serve the country is start working inside the country, so the company started exporting abroad. Hafez Varesh by using the knowledge, experience and skill of active engineer’s team inside and outside of the country due to its potential and recognition of the target. He signed several contracts outside of Iran so and targeted his activities.

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