Hacoupian Clothing Industrial Unit was founded by Mr. Sombat Hacoupian in 1970. In the first place, it was a sewing shop which accepted orders for bespoke garments. Nowadays, by gradually expanding the business, it has become one of the biggest companies in designing and manufacturing menswear in Iran. Hacoupian Clothing Industrial Unit owns two factories which design and manufacture menswear and shirts respectively by the name of Hacoupian and Norashen located in Bomehen Province. The head quarter is located in Tehran. It also owns 24 stores; eight stores are located in Tehran, and the rest are located in other provinces all over Iran. The workforce is about 800 people. Hacoupian has won more than thirty international and two national awards during the past years. For more information, please visit www.hacoupian.net and follow us @hacoupianinc.




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