Gostaresh Tejarate Borna

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

The company of Borna Trading Development (private joint stock) was established in order to meet the needs of the country in the foreign trading area and has begun its activity through employing capable management and skilled experts by focusing on agriculture crops and foods ( vital needs, kinds of vegs and fresh fruits (dried and concentrate)). Accordingly, the main strategy of this company is supposed to consider to relative and stable advantages of country in supplying agriculture crops and foods and also desirable markets with stable demands in comparing with other international suppliers. Borna Company has developed and established its own operational system in different countries during past years in order to accessing international markets and being active in demand centers, and it has been carrying out various trading activities in export and import throughout world by trading partnerships and offices. There is a capacity which has provided international trade capabilities as well as company power for supplying export services to customers and activity in this arena. This company intends to make and manage a wide and stable network of supply chains in Iran and worldwide by maximum flexibility along with advanced global standards in supplying productions and services, and develop the basis of successful international trade in food industry.

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