GID( Golrang Industries Development) Group as a fast moving corporate with over 10.000 employees holding popular brands like Oila, Famila, Kimball and Suntin is the biggest subholding of Golrang Industrial Group. Its main activity sectors are FMCG (especially food segment), Retail, distribution and finance. It has more than 20 subsidiaries that produce products (like edible oils, tuna, sauces, Tomato paste, saffron, rice, …) and distribute them all over the Iran. Main companies are: • OK (Ofogh Kourosh: the leading pioneer of soft discount chain stores in Iran with 1000 branches in 270 cities) • KFI (Kourosh Food Industry: one of the biggest oil producer company in Iran) • Golrangpakhsh( the biggest distribution company in Iran) • Anitasan, Hyper Famili,Golrang leasing and…. We work to create a better future every day. We will develop new ways of doing business that will allow us to expand our companies.



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Golrang Industries Development Group


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