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Golnoor Lighting Group

Industry: Manufacturing
Founded at: 1993
Headquarter: Isfahan

Company Description

Golnoor is one of the pioneers in the electricity and lighting industry in Iran. The company has focused on planning and responding to the diverse needs of the "Art and Lighting Industry" and has achieved a prominent position in the industry in this country and in the region, relying on its resources. Golnoor has used the relationship between lighting and life in its career. The increasing growth of new technologies in the lighting industry on a global scale requires us to step in the direction of achieving efficient research and development, training human resources with applied attitude and expanding the specialized laboratories while utilizing these technologies. Therefore, in the Golnoor Company, taking into account the organizational mission, key themes and knowledge-based in the field of lighting research and development have been identified and are being implemented in eight specialized departments. It is hoped that the activities of these departments will enhance the knowledge of lighting, establish an organized relationship with international communities, support lighting designers, and create opportunities for the creation of pure Iranian ideas in the light and lighting industry.

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