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Gol-PAKHSH TEYF Production & Trading Industries Co., with decades of continuous efforts and valuable and valuable experiences, is now one of the best-known, active and successful companies in the industry with high quality, diverse and market-demanded products. The spray paints are automotive, industrial, adhesive and decorative spray paints in Iran and fortunately due to the quality, variety and packaging of the products, the consumers of the country have no need to import similar goods from abroad. This, in addition to saving foreign currency out of the country, has created another valuable employment and belief in the minds of consumers that has welcomed domestic products. Therefore, due to the increasing satisfaction and welcome of our dear domestic and foreign customers in buying and consuming the products of this company, we decided to rely more on the great God and gain more and more support from our dear customers in the development of factories, machinery and Let's do more to produce new and varied products. The good news is that soon the result of the valuable new efforts and successes of Goal Broadcasting Company will reach the hearts and minds of our esteemed customers, friends and associates. Our goal is to conquer the pinnacle of this industry's success in the Iranian and Middle East horizons. Therefore, relying on God and your support, dear ones, there is no doubt that we will achieve this goal. Therefore, to reach this goal, we sincerely extend a helping hand to our valued customers and friends, and we strive for your loved ones individually to attain our goals.

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