Headquarter: Iran

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Nami Polymer Asia is a leading company specialized in the sourcing and supplying of Agro-Commodities, Plastic raw materials, Paper, Steel, Metals and Pharmaceutical. Founders of the company have worked for over 20 years with leading manufacturers, and have acquired a broad knowledge in the field. Flexible in many ways, our business tactics enable us to ensure safe transactions between our clients and suppliers. Mainly dealing in the Asia, South East Asia, The Middle East and CIS countries, our team of devoted traders is ready and happy to fulfill all clients requirements. Nami Polymer Asia is sister with The Goharian Institute for World Trade Sudies and Research. The Goharian Institute for World Trade Studies and Research (GIWTSR) was founded in 1981 with the objective of running studies and research work in order to compile a series of comprehensive academic books in applied science and education in the fields of world trade and international tourism mainly through compilation and translation of relevant writings. The Institute was officially and legally registered in the year 2006.

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