Gam Electronics

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

GAM Electronics is a private corporation with offices in Tehran. Since 1978, GAM Electronics has designed, developed, and supported computer applications and systems for government and private sector for the past 30 years. GAM Electronics has hardware and software specialists for Linux, and Windows based systems. GAM Electronics has designed and developed applications for private and public sector based on JAVA and .NET Technologies. We have competent database experts in Oracle and SQL. If you are seeking a professional career in a pleasant and friendly environment, we invite you to join GAM Electronics. GAM has the highest rank from high council of informatics for software production and has undertaken many national projects. National Identity Enrolment system for Sabte Ahwal, Hamrah Awal’s(the biggest mobile operator with 11000 offices thought Iran) document management system for more than 40 million customers, SAJAT, the ranking system for National projects contractors in various fields of industry, construction and IT, and office automation projects for major banks and insurances like Bank Mellat, Tejarat, Sepah, Saderat, Melli, Resalat, Shahre, Gadeshgari, Mehre Eghtesad, Dey and Isurances like Bime Iran, Asia, Arman, … are a few of our projects in recent years. GAM is also involved in Farsi and Arabic Desktop publishing and have had patented innovations in this regard. Nastaliq calligraphy in Alef and NameNegar software and Quranic fonts like Neyrizi and Othman Taha and Amin roshdi and the latest font Amir along with simplifying the intricacies of Quranic calligraphy is amongst GAM’s latest offering to Quran publishing market.

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