Fly Dubai

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Established in March 2008 by the Government of Dubai, forming the citys first airline hybrid model and then it became the Middle Easts fastest growing airline. At July 2008 airline ordered 50 Boeing 737-800s that already received 47 of them and then in Nov 2013 flydubai placed an order up 100 Boeing 737 MAX at the Dubai air show and an additional 11 Boeing 737-800. Now flying to more than 100 destinations and plans to grow the network as fast as before. Flydubai as the national carrier of the UAE has started flights to 9 cities in Iran; Tehran, Mashhad, Ahwaz, Shiraz, Isfahan, Lar, Tabriz, Bandar Abbas and Hamedan. As flydubai continue to grow at a rapid pace, we are always on the look-out for ambitious new talent to join our dynamic and diverse team and who will help us, with the same passion and enthusiasm, to push the frontiers of travel. If youre looking for a job that offers career growth, travel opportunities and a great team to work with, then flydubai is the place for you.

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