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FiberHome Technologies is an outstanding product and solution provider for information and telecommunication. FiberHome Technologies traces its heritage to Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (WRI). Established as early as 1974, WRI is well-known as the cradle of optical communication technology in China. Starting with R&D in the field of optical communications, FiberHome Technologies has evolved into a major Telecom Industrial House, providing total solution in the field of fiber-optic communication, data networking and wireless communication in China over last 30 years. The range of products, Telecom application solutions it can offer and the global customers who have continued their reliance bears testimony of its leadership. With core competence in Optical Communications, FiberHome Technologies has also contributed to international standardization through ITU-T. Compliance to International Quality Standards and excellence in engineering services have lead FiberHome Technologies to become an internationally known brand as a Global Telecom Solution Provider. The entire group companies of FiberHome Technologies have established QA system of international standard and are ISO 9001 certified. Based on ASP (Application Service Profit) Concept, FiberHome Technologies Group is determined to develop a new chapter in the networking world. Through its continuous and relentless innovative efforts, FiberHome Technologies is expanding its operations and aims to Create True Value and Broaden the Future of its customers globally.




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