Fava Naft Saba Kish (OICT)

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

OICT Company (with the Persian name Favanaft) as one of the subsets of Oil Industry Pension Fund Investment Company (OPIC), has been formed with the idea of offering ICT services, especially in massive industries of oil, gas, refining, distribution and petrochemicals, in Iran. OICT has launched in 2010 with the cooperation of successful managers, who have great valuable experiences in ICT projects in Iran. The set of modern services that OICT company offers are as follows: - Providing cloud computing services and setting up data centers. - Providing electronic welfare service for employees of oil industry in Iran to facilitate services in four contexts as tourism, living, healthcare and sport. - Provider of Certification Authority (CA) to issue digital certificates in order to authorize the ownership of a public key. - Implementing the network and hardware infrastructure projects and providing passive equipment. - Providing IT master plan and business intelligence solutions for businesses. - Taking part and investing in the field of ICT especially in software development and web based applications.

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