Faraz Teb Jam Gostar

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Company Description

Company founded in 2010 as a family owned business aiming at obtaining reliable agencies from reputable European and American companies in the field of cardio vascular equipment. The founder, Mr. Mojtaba Asgari who is a spinout and specialist in cardio vascular equipment, started this business by obtaining three foreign agencies from Merit Medical (USA), EuroCor (Germany) and SP Medical (Denmark), Lepu Medical (China), Curatia Medical. FarazTeb is currently working with 115 cardio vascular center. In addition to cardiology and interventional products, FarazTeb has strongly supplied angiography and angioplasty products through Radial Approach since 2011. Along with supplying and distributing Radial Approach products, FarazTeb organizes nursing training in various workshops on Radial Approach and provides handouts and brochures to entire medical universities all around the country. FarazTeb has published 3 books on Radial Approach and created a group of 400 specialists and professors in social media. FarazTeb has held training seminars and conferences using local and international professors at medical universities, research centers and at other relevant prestigious venues. At present, FarazTeb is a pioneer in Iran in supplying Radial Approach Products and constantly keeps moving as per its slogan.

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