The history of “Faratech data processing” company and its founding members dates back to 1383. In those years, we carried out various projects in the form of a group of programmers in Iran. With the experience gained and a group of experienced experts in the field of web and windows operating software design, we registered the company as the official name of “Faratak-e-Pazh” data processing Company in 1388. Raising the quality of the work, which was provided in the framework of the international governing standards was not a coincidence. We have always been pioneers in the field of technology, and we owe it to our technical and expert team, especially our research and development group. At the moment, specialists are being employed and we are truly honored to work with them. Over the years, we have been designing, implementing and executing more than 750 web sites. Given the feedback received from our dear customers and the experience that our specialists have gained, we can assure you that, here at “Faratech”, what we do for you is an honor for us and achieves customer satisfaction.


Khorasan, Razavi


10-49 employees


IT, Software & Internet Services

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