Faran Electronic Industries

Industry: Manufacturing
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

The main activity of production Faran UPS is in the range of 450 to 400KVA and various Sealed Lead acid batteries which can be focused as a strong company operating in a wide range of users and to support the Middle East region. Faran Co. with 20 years experience in design and production of electronic systems and a supply (UPS - Battery - Stabilizer - Inverter - Charger) and related batteries and using a valid international cooperation manufacturers, and in 2003 a new step for the supply equipment to generate electricity, according to new energies (solar and wind and ...) is removed. This, the company Faran, to one of the most active companies in the Middle East has made this field. Faran Company having a valid representation of several European and Asian companies, as one of the most progressive companies and a powerful Iran, in electrical services in various industrial and non industrial sectors are. Company Faran, in more than 15 city projects Solar is running successfully.

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