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Falat Group

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Falat Commercial and Manufacturing Group was established in 1999. Falat Commercial & Manufacturing Group is a fully private company that is managed under supervision of our experienced management team. Falat group imports, exports and distributes top-quality Industrial-related products in the fields of chemicals, petrochemicals and so forth. This company is collaborating with many manufacturers throughout the Europe and Asia to offer top quality products. This group owns five high profile production sites in the industrial cities around Tehran. These sites will start their manufacturing activities in the near future.A potent management team is responsible for the Commercial and Sales Divisions, technical and R&D department, development and hands-on-management of the daily operations. In addition, team-oriented and customer-focused staffs are supporting the management team. Furthermore Falat Commercial and Manufacturing Group is proud of having a very successful technical team which is responsible for transferring high-tech technologies and know-how in the field of packaging and printing Industry in order to running up the production sites.

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