Ertebat Sazan Pishro Taknama

Industry: Manufacturing
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

ErtebatSazan Pishro Taknama Co., Ltd was founded in 1380 for the purpose of producing digital video door phones according to the demands of Iran society and presents its products under Taknama brand. Iranian consumers welcomed high quality of the products and unique capabilities as well as extended network of after-sales services and this accomplishment encouraged us to fulfill your trust by offering new products. Market research and attending the needs of different markets by using technology and producing high quality and low cost product is important to us. High quality parts of reliable foreign companies along with high technology have been used in manufacturing new products, are the features of this series. Our vision is to take faster and more successful steps in industry and self-reliance by your support. By creating a network of trained installers, Ertebat Sazan Pishro Taknama Co., Ltd is willing to provide more and better services for the consumers.

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