Enteghal Dade Mahan (Mahannet)

Industry: Telecoms
Founded at: 2006
Headquarter: Tehran

Company Description

Mahan Data Transmission Group (Mahannet) is founded in 2006 . The core center of the company consists of elite IT specialists with more than a decade experience and experienced managers. Mahannet could also gain significant achievements in Information and Communication Technology area. Focusing on providing differentiated services with the highest standards, and using knowledgeable employee’s endeavors, not only leads the company to achieve customer satisfaction and creating market competition, but also had a valuable professional status too. Mahannet main policy during the years has been to own the appropriate investment to provide optimal services by the use of up-to-dated software and hardware’s technology. One of the most important commissions that Mahannet obliged itself to do, is to provide an appropriate working place for young people and national experts in the field of information technology. Currently, more than 90 expert and skilled employees are giving services in different departments. It is worth noting that this success is indebted to professional expert’s greater endeavors to recognize IT market requirements, and the country’s telecom facilities and to search and research on the most advanced solutions to provide services for the fastest and easiest access to internet, VoIP and etc.

Why Work With Us?

Valuable Human Resource in Mahan Group Family try to cooperate effectively and constructively with each other in order to reach company excellent goals and wishes. Daily work life in different working spaces here, is breezy and energetic and people enjoy of being with each other.

Enteghal Dade Mahan (Mahannet)

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