Ebdaagaran Padide Company was established in 1998. Location of our head office is near Heravi square in Tehran and our factory with 6000 m² area is located in Paytakht industrial zone in the eastern part of Tehran. Company's production line produces different types of aluminum jacketing with the polykraft lining and all its installation accessories, which are so applicable in oil refineries insulation works. The name of Ebdaagaran Padide is among the approved vendor list (AVL) of major Iranian petrochemical companies and oil refineries. Also we obtain membership of Society of Iranian Petroleum Industries Equipment Manufacturers (SIPIEM), Society of Iranian Industrial Equipment Manufacturers (SATSA), Iranian Corrosion Association (ICA), Iran Productivity Association (IPA), and Iranian Society for Quality and Association for Holders of Iran Standard’s Mark.



10-49 employees


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