Dr Jahangir Pharmaceutical (Parmoon)

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Dr. Jahangir Pharmaceutical & Hygienic Company was founded in 1981 under the name Dr. Jahangir Pharmaceutical & Hygienic Laboratory. The first factory was built in Lorestan Province, Khorramabad to manufacture such hygienic products as shampoo and dishwashing liquids. Soon the company began producing polyethylene containers and bleach, as well. A new, larger factory was constructed to meet the production demands of the growing business. The Ministry of Industries issued the company a pharmaceutical processing license in 1995, and the company began producing new pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hygienic products. Dr. Jahangir Pharmaceutical & Hygienic Company has always based its activities on the up-to-date and reliable scientific procedures. The company provides its employees with continuous technical and scientific training programs on products, equipment, hygienic regulations, and good manufacturing practices. A company specialist does most of the research and development, supported by consultants. The company plans greater activity in the domestic market and a rapid expansion into foreign markets. By setting up an information system, Dr.Jahangir Pharmaceutical & Hygienic Co. communicates directly with consumers and providing them poll sheets about product quality, product satisfaction, the way to buy product and etc. In some cases, the company extends close relationship with consumers to gain their consent and troubleshoot the probable problems that may occur when they use or buy products from distributors. Therefore, the results of customer communications and poll sheets have helped the company to improve the quality of products and the special attention to R&D has led to the advantage of offering innovative products with high efficiency into market. Using methods like energy management and improving efficiency, the company produces the high quality products with reasonable price.

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