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In the 1370 AH(1990), Dorsa brand founded with the leather goods production idea by Amir Kazem- Nourmohammadi and Shahin Fatemi. The mission of the Dorsa makers was to create a high-quality brand with a global position. The second decade of Dorsa's life began with a brand-oriented and selling knowledge. The first major step toward globalization was taken in the early 2000s. During this decade, Dorsa registered as a high-quality brand and launched its products in the first professional leather store with the name of Dorsa in Tehran. In the age of ten years of knowledge, more shops were opened in various cities of Iran and more people became acquainted with pure leather goods. But values were not limited to high-quality production, Because the leaders sought to create a true brand position in the minds of the audience. On the strategic brand development road, Dorsa has developed a system which integrates all of its activities such as production, distribution, sales and customer service cycle into one path form and made satisfaction and comfort for the audience. Leadership vision positioned dorsa brand as a master in the leather and fashion industry. On the future way, the third decade of Dorsa was run with consumer insights concept. Therefore, it came to the lifestyle world. in the early 2011s, brand development lead to its gold and jewelry products and was positioned on one of the first high-demand brands in Iran. In the third decade, audience's lifestyle and their dreams led Dorsa to the creation of a dream house. The DORSA HOME brand and its display in the 2000 meter store is a sign of some nice and luxury sense of choice. Dorsa's brand in the third decade of its life won to create and position four sub-brands; Dorsa, Dorsa's HOME, Dorsa's Cafe and Dorsa Jewelers in the minds of both domestic and foreign audiences.

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