Dona Catering

Industry: Retail, Shop & Supermarket
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Dona catering is a first international catering company in Iran. Dona is a joint venture of Arzesh Afarinan Fadak Corporation and Don Hauser GmbH Group. Don Hauser Group is an Austrian catering company that is one the prominent caterings in European railways. This JV Company is mainly located in Tehran railway station in a 4000 m2 space. Using the capabilities of Austrian partner in operational management, supply chain management, information systems management, serving and other catering processes, made it conceivable to develop the catering markets. Arzesh Afarinan Fadak Co. with using the widespread network capabilities in the rail industry could help to develop catering market in railway industry and to cater to the most of the railway companies working in Iran. The target markets of Dona catering are:  Railway companies and railway station personnel  Airway companies  Office catering

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