Did Bartar Pars Bahmani (BartarAdvertising)

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

BARTAR (Top) Advertising Agency is a Holding Company and considered as one of leaders and pioneers in the field of environmental (outdoor) advertisement in the country. The companys Central Office is located at metropolis Tehran while its office in southern part of the country is located in cultural welfare capital of the country i.e. Shiraz. It should be noted BARTAR (Top) Advertising Agency started its activity in 2006. Benefitted from the worlds modern and cutting- edge technologies, fruitful experiences of experts and managers of this advertising agency led to the increasing progress and development of this prestigious company. Presently, the company has got the lions share of vast advertising area in Shiraz and many macro cities in Iran. BARTAR (Top) Advertising Agency has made all its utmost efforts to mix advertisement with your living and business environment in order to enjoy it appropriately.

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