Deep Studies

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Deep Studies Co.” is a company formed delicately for serving latest tools, software and services for better e-Learning, e-Reading and e-Note taking. So, our “eee” goes for eRead, eLearn and eNote. We believe that we can make education, learning, teaching, business and daily routine tasks more productive with more efficiency by introducing latest technologies, suitable for each customer. “Deep Studies Co.” is a subsidiary company of “Pars Jahd Industrial Group”, which has more than 220 employees and 4 factories in Iran and Malaysia. Our Role We love what science brings to life. Our company is proud to present and provide technologies subject to support all aspects of human teaching and learning needs. “Deep Studies Co.” will provide innovative solutions for students, collegian, artists, businessmen etc. from the most well-known brands around the world alongside after-sales services such as guarantee, support and training centers. Helping Businesses to Get Faster, Smarter and Safer “Deep Studies Co.” gathers all new business solutions to enable customers to make their businesses, faster, smarter and more secure. We offer a versatile variety of products from Styluses, Pads, Pen displays etc. to offer brand new business solutions which are gradually replacing traditional writing and reading methods to shape new manners in business workflows, digital education, and medical documents and so on.

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