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Caspian Tamin Pharmaceutical Company is one of the largest and the most successful producers of the small volume liquid injections in Iran and actually our company is market leader of hospital medicines in domestic market particularly Heaprin Sodium (5000, 10000 & 25000 IU) and low molecular weight heparin such as Enoxaparin sodium (4000, 6000 & 8000 IU) as well as other 15 medicines which all have being exclusively manufactured by this company in Iran. As indicated above the main focus of our company in producing svps, is in premium quality and trusted pharmaceutical brands. Currently, CASPIAN TAMIN PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY produces a wide range of Small Volume Parenteral (SVPs)/Ampoules, Semisolids (Cream, Ointment, Suppository, Gel, Oral Liquids & Syrup products. Caspian Tamin pharmaceutical produces more than 100 pharmaceutical products in the main therapeutic areas, Such as: Cardiovascular, Infectious diseases, Analgesics musculoskeletal, Gastrointestinal, General anesthetic, Hypothalamic & Pituitary hormones, Sex hormones, Bone modulating drugs and Vitamins. Caspian Tamin Pharmaceutical Company is one the subsidiaries of Tamin Pharmaceutical Investment Company (TIPICO), belonging to the Social Security Investment Company (SHASTA).




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