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Industry: Retail, Shop & Supermarket

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Behind all big brands dwells a great history. The history of Bosch is based on the heritage of its founder; Robert Bosch; a visionary, for whom, only the amelioration of quality of life, justified the technological advancements. Since 1898, the first Bosch overseas subsidiary opened in Great Brittan, followed, eleven years later, by the creation of the first overseas factory in the United States. In 1933, ten years before the eponym fonder deceased, the first home appliances production was launched with the Bosch refrigerators. They were followed by the introduction of washing machines in 1958 and dishwashers in 1964. Bosch produces everything that makes household chores so much easier: Household appliances from Bosch stand for quality, innovative technology and excellent design. Experts at Bosch constantly develop new ideas to make people's daily lives more comfortable: Household appliances from Bosch have an accomplished design and include innovative, intelligent functions. Bosch household appliances satisfy the highest performance standards and offer maximum user convenience. The Bosch product philosophy is characterized by outstanding style and enduring value. The premium quality is tangible in the precious materials and visible in the workmanship. Nowadays, Bosch still conceives reliable and trustworthy home appliances that make life easy. But winning and deserving trust means more: The investment in upcoming generations by shaping the future via concepts and products of great performance, all by daily protecting our precious environment. It is at this stage that the brand Bosch illustrates its strengths: a great alliance of quality, safety, ease of use, resources saving and design, to prevail as the reference of home appliances. The only polyvalent brand in the Appliance market, Bosch offers a broad array of Master Domestic Appliances (Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Cooling and Cookers) and Consumer Products (Breakfast sets, Food Processors, Vacuum Cleaners and Irons), in contrast with other manufacturers who specialize in one category or the other.

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