Boland Tabagheh

Industry: Construction
Founded at: 1983
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

The Boland Tabagheh Construction Company (BT) has over 35 years of working experiences, The main objective of BT is further participation in infrastructure projects, including Industrial Buildings, Water and Channel, Roads and Freeway, Oil and Gas and Petrochemicals, Subway and Transportation Industries, Mining and Copper, Heavy Steel, etc., and applied all of its power to assist Iran, even having a small part in this contribution. BT is a professional contractor with more than 3000 line personnel and 60 staff personnel. This company was honored to obtain the Contractor Qualification Certificate from the Planning and Budget Organization. BT is proud to cooperate with its associates to reach Islamic Republic of Iran to its developments objectives. The Boland Tabagheh Road & Construction Company has the 1st Grade in the field of building and construction, water, transportation, facilities and equipment and oil and gas and also the 5nd Grade in the field of industry and Mining. The Boland Tabagheh Company as well as implementation and deployment an integrated management system (IMS), based on obtaining 3 international certificates of standards ISO9001; ISO14001 and ISO 45001; together with professional certificates of ISO10006, ISO TS 29001, ISO 10015 and ISO 50001 along with the HSE-MS certificate from TUV (Intercert) Company of Germany. Relying on scientific management, experts and machinery management system, the company possesses a great reputation in the field of development and civil projects within Iran.

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