For over 50 years we have served the Pharmaceutical industry with high quality products, service and technology. Our endeavour is to better understand Nature with Science. Our focus is on manufacturing and marketing formulations of the highest quality. Also our focus is on plant and marine life of Indian origin. A renewable supply of starting material is our primary input source. By applying the experience and technology used in the pharmaceutical sciences we try to harness nature inspired by science. As our understanding of how the human body works increases there is an increased blending of pharmaceutical science, cosmetics science, nutritional science and nature. New words have evolved like cosmoceuticals and nutraceuticals. The honourable objective of improving our Quality of Life allows us to blend our knowledge to serve all beings. Nature provides us with the most questions and answers. Mankind has a good understanding of nature, albeit in different languages and different times. It is our hope that we can contribute to a better application of Science Inspired by Nature. Our Primary business focus is to serve the requirements of three customer segments: Pharmaceutical Nutritional Cosmetics, Soaps and Toiletries






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