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خیابان بهشتی- خیابان قائم مقام- کوچه میرزا حسنی- پلاک 10

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Bazigostaran Derick is a video game publisher and development company founded in 2008 with the intention of developing and publishing AAA mobile and PC games in the MENA region. Bazigostaran Derick currently is one of the biggest publishers and developers of the region having more than 15 developed games and 50 published games in its portfolio. Currently, Bazigostaran Derick has offices in Dubai, and Berlin. Making it a truly international company. Bazigostaran Derick currently has strategic partnerships with +10 companies in MENA. These partners range from mobile operators to stores and service providers. “Bazinama” is a printed video games magazine that is our partnership. It provides the most comprehensive review of the current state of the international game industry as well as the MENA's industry in the most professional way. At the moment, the company provides the best publishing packages for the developers containing PR, Marketing, cross-promotion, customer support, technical support, server, and infrastructure support as well as localization and culturalizations services.

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