Atieh Nama Bana

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Atieh Nama Bana (ANB), a façade engineering and design company, was established by Mr. Babak Ebn Ali in 2002. For the past 14 years, ANB has been engineering, designing and constructing the most innovative and modern facades in Iran. Our company’s main focus is to create the best design for our clients and provide technical advice throughout all stages of a project, from inception to completion. Our highly qualified architects and engineers work on complex and state of the art projects using modern technology and materials. We have utilized and collaborated with reputable companies around the world in producing the most cutting edge buildings in Iran. ANB has been involved in numerous commercial, governmental, and residential projects. We also have a factory in Tehran, Iran, where we assemble aluminum composite panels and varieties of curtain walls, such as face cap, frameless, unitized and other systems. Our factory assembly line is equipped with the most modernized machineries and has the capacity of producing 6000sqm per month. We have specialists involved in every stage of design and production to insure we produce the highest quality material. Our commercial department collaborates with the following companies: - Asas company, a Turkish company where they produce variety of curtain wall systems, aluminum doors and windows, and aluminum composite panels - Colt Company located in United Kingdom - Moeding Company who produces one of the best façade terracotta system in Europe with two unique products, Alphaton and Longoton

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