Ati Mehr Rah Abrisham Company is a private joint stock company, active in building facility and material business, especially lift industry. Based on the corporate philosophy of the company, Ati Mehr benefits from two major shareholders, SAKHT (Sarmayeh, Ab, Khak, Tose’eh) Group and SANA (Sarmyegozari Novin Iranian) Group, which with their strong financial and construction backgrounds, enables Ati Mehr to efficiently pursue its market development strategies. Generally, Ati Mehr supplies its solutions both from world-class Chinese and premium European companies. In this regard in the elevator business, Ati Mehr is cooperating with the joint partner of Otis, the global elevator market leader headquartered in USA, XIZI elevator group, member of XIZI UHC who is listed in 500 top Chinese enterprises, and Spanish elevator manufacturer RALOE, partner of globally well-known Spanish component suppliers Savera Group and Fermator. In this way, Ati Mehr tries to be responsive to his clients by providing different solutions for different types of projects.




1-9 employees



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