Asia Negar Golsar (ANG Group)

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Asia Negar Golsar (ANG) was established in a factory with an area of 8700 square meters in the industrial town of Shokohieh, Qom, in 2007. Initially the company produced post form panels using MDF and chipboard and then by employing specialized engineers, it brought to market new products such as acrylic, high gloss, and PVC sheets according to the tastes and needs of customers, so that fair prices and good quality caused a large share of the domestic market is placed at the disposal of the company. Due to the welcoming the market and in order to achieve the set goals, the company of ANG installed a production line with full automatic machines and it opened a new factory with an area of 30,000 square meters adjacent to the original factory. With innovation in the production of three layer PVC foam for the first time in Iran and replacing it with a single layer PVC foam on the market, the company has created new development in this area, as well as importing related materials such as raw MDF, glossy MDF and aluminum metal, PVC edge bands and high gloss coating was placed among the activities of the company to meet the needs of local industry. With its trained forces and experienced professionals and using its technical knowledge and modern European machinery, as well as obtaining management and quality standards(ISO 9001-2008), the company of ANG is now expanding its share in the markets of the region and the world.

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