Arzesh Pardaz Aryan (AAICCO)

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

The Arzesh Pardaz-e-Aryan Investment and Consulting Company (AAICCO) with the slogan of crystallization of financial knowledge in value creation and aim of providing and facilitating professional and financial services and products was established in 1389. Currently, the company is the largest investment consulting company in the country. The main competitive advantages of AAICCO are having fully skillful employees and workforce with up-to-date knowledge and state-of-the-art internet technology, a vast stockbroker of most prestigious investment companies of the country, and a highly professional and experienced board of directors in the field of capital market and the banking industry. In addition, AAICCO is a member of the Credit and Banking Consultant Center and the Bank Investment Consultant as well. Two main areas of activity include providing financial advisory services and investment and generating financial decision support approaches.

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