Radiator, towel dryer and fan coil have always been unsightly and space-consuming and a nightmare for designers, architects and consumers. As the pinnacle of technology and innovation in the field of HVAC; designer radiator, towel dryer and fan coil provide appropriate answer to this demand by combining art and industry. As the sole official seller of designer radiator, towel dryer and fan coil in the Middle East; AMAT Co. is the exclusive representative of the top brands in the industry from France, Germany, Italy, Turkey and the UK. Widespread national and international sales network and a complete and diverse product portfolio including Aluminium, Glass, Steel and Stone radiator, towel dryer and fan coil; have made AMAT Co. the largest manufacturer of Glass radiator and towel dryer worldwide and the largest seller of designer radiator, towel dryer and fan coil in the middle east. AMAT Co. has received ISO 9001:2015 certification from Germanys TV INTERCERT aiming at improving services and professional customer relations.




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